Dye, pitching staff lead us to victory

Mlballstars480_1 Yesterday, we got off to a great start beating Nippon Professional Baseball, 3-2, in an exciting game. Jermaine Dye hit a monster two-run home run and John Lackey, John Maine Scot Shields and Joe Nathan combined to hold down their hitters. After Jermaine’s home run, he was greeted at home plate by two little children with flowers — instead of boos! It was an electric atmosphere, including the ceremonial first pitch being thrown out by the Prime Minister of Japan I was very impressed by the Japanese All-Stars and I expect that the games will certainly not get any easier. Bronson Arroyo will start today followed by Chris Capuano and hopefully we can pull out another win as we continue the series.

Brian and Jordan Schneider and myself at the market near Sensoju Temple.

A trip to Japan would not be complete without a little — or a lot — of pearl shopping. Yesterday, we ventured out via subway to Roppongi to Yonamine’s PearlShop. Wally Yonamine was a former football player for the San Francisco49ers, who then came to Japan and played professional baseball before an injury ended his career. He and his wife, Jane, then opened a small pearl store in Roppongi. It was a very impressive experience in a small store, where the walls are covered with pictures and autographs from baseball players, actors and even Presidents. It was amazing to see photos and signatures of Joe DiMaggio, Warren Spahn, Roger Clemens, Jodi Foster, Hillary Clinton and Ronald Reagan to name a few. Needless to say, it was a fun experience and we completed most of our Christmas shopping. Mom, I hope you like pearls!


  1. princ3zsgo@yahoo.com

    Congratulations on the win! I wish I could see the games on t.v here in the states but I’m glad to be able to read your blog about your experiences and on the game. Congratulations again!

  2. Jimmy

    Awesome job so far out there! Im watching Game 2 as I type so there are people stateside that are watching the game! haha.

  3. dbptrk@aol.com

    I like the part about the Christmas shopping! Glad you and Liz are enjoying the Japanese experience. Keep up the good work!

  4. hiphopluv16@hotmail.com

    Dear Mr Chris Young –
    My name is Hiroo and I live in Japan, not too far away from Tokyo Dome. I have spent 17 years in the states (GA,MA,and TN) and since coming to Japan 5 years ago, I always get excited when the MLB team comes over here to Japan. I am going to be at the final game at Tokyo Dome tomorrow with my younger brother! It is my dream come true to watch the game with many of my favorite players. I dont know if you will pitch tomorrow but if you do I will be shouting my lungs out!! You went to Roppongi area? Hahahah, that is the common location for night clubbing for not only the Japanese citizens but also for American people. Might be a unique experience? I am extremely relieved to hear that people around you are treating the players with much respect and politeness. Its quite a different culture here in Japan yah? But its not a bad feeling… I hope. Anyways, once again I am EXTREMELY excited about watching the game tomorrow, hope you all have a good night sleep and have a great game tomorrow. From a die-heart MLB fan living in Japan, Hiroo Nishi

  5. sbdickman@aol.com

    Hello Chris,
    and congratulations on the recent win. Enjoy the electric atmosphere in Japan. The Japanese admire and respect the players and the game. Well done being an ambassador for the game (if not country).

    We’d love to see the MLB-Stars in a similar tour in Europe soon. Yearning and striving to make it happen.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Bill Dickman

    Hünstetten, Germany

  6. stakeschamp@yahoo.com

    Great game on Saturday for the team! My daughter attended her first baseball game and you can tell your team mates that it was an experience she and I will always remember. Ryan’s bat was smokin’ today! He even hit a foul ball just a row behind us on the second deck that my daughter jumped for, trying to catch. That was on his fourth at bat. What an exciting experience we had today watching the game at Tokyo Dome. Hope you guys continue to enjoy this ‘halfway-around-the-world’ road trip. And best of luck to all of you guys on this series and the seasons to come. Stay healthy you guys and keep bringing those memories to all of us…..

    MLB fan till death do us part-

    Bill Sievers

  7. sdspotlight@yahoo.com

    Chris, I have to say that I’m really enjoying your notes, as I did Dave’s during the playoff run. As a Padres blogger myself, it’s nice to see you guys venturing into our little world. Lot’s going on at home, see you in AZ in Feb/March. Keep up the good work and I hope your Mom loves her pearls…

    ~ Rich Campbell

    San Diego Spotlight

  8. rockin__floorfiller@hotmail.com

    Congratulations on the win!I wish I could have seen the game, it sounds like it was another great game. It sounds like you’re having a great time in Japan. I can’t wait to hear more from your experience in Japan and about the games.


  9. shinbun@gmx.net

    Hi Chris,
    I live in Tokyo. I went to four games at Tokyo Dome. I was so excited with happy four days.

    I did not know that there was such a pearl shop with baseball players photos. Thank you very much for letting me know it. I wiil go to Roppongi to visit the shop next Saturday.

    I can not go to Osaka. Please Ganbatte! Ganbatte means “Good luck. Best wishes for your success” something like that. When you stay in Osaka and like to say “Thank you”, say “Ohkini.” That is Osaka dialect.


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