From Tokyo to Osaka

We just wrapped up Game 4 with a 7-2 win over the JapaneseAll-Stars. It was a great all-around
effort, including two RBIs by Brian Schneider and Jose Reyes and home runs by
David Wright and Ryan Howard. I started
my second game of the trip and this one went better than the first. I was still a little rusty, but
Schneider did a great job behind the plate calling pitches and keeping my
focus. Sometimes it is a challenge
pitching to a catcher for the first time, but he made things extremely
comfortable. It?s great to have won the
first four games and hopefully we can complete the sweep tomorrow night in Fukuoka.

Clockwise: Chase Utley, myself, Joe Mauer, Sarah and Lyle Overbay and Brian Schneider on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Yesterday was an eventful day traveling from Tokyo to Osaka. We departed Tokyo
for Kyoto via the bullet
train. In Kyoto
we were treated to a great lunch, some shopping and a magnificent tour of the Golden
Temple. The temple was incredible, as it is
surrounded by water and truly plated in gold. It is at the base of a mountain and the weather was a little cooler than
we were accustomed. It was rather

A picture of me walking the streets in Japan.  As the clich goes, I stand out like a sore thumb.

From Kyoto we
bussed to Osaka, arriving around 7 p.m. For
dinner Liz and I joined Lyle Overbay and his wife Sarah for a steak dinner at an Australian steakhouse. Although I have enjoyed the food in Japan,
the dinner seemed like a familiar restaurant back home. After dinner we wondered the streets of Osaka
trying to find a taxi. There seemed to
be many lined up along the streets but none were for hire. In the end we walked back to the hotel,
enjoying the cool, crisp fresh air and entertaining conversation. It was a perfect night to cap off a great




    Chris we have totally enjoyed your blog. Barbara and I were in Japan in 2004 for the All Star Series. Bruce,Jake,Scott and Akinori were all there. Our friend Akira Edamitsu was our host, guide and translator. He was a No. 1 Padres fan while studying at Grossmont JC a few years ago. He was so excited to see Bruce Bochy. We had a terrific time in Japan. We read you blog everyday. Frank and Barbara, Padre Greeters at Petco Park


    Dear Chris,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I could see your intelligence.

    I appreciate your great play.

    I hope you have a good return trip.

    Good night and good luck.


    I knew you would do an awesome job as the starting pitcher. You did a great job with the Padres. The picture where you’re walking in the streets is my favorite so far! Keeping doing an awesome job!



    I’m so happy you did awesome in Japan. I knew you would pitch great! After all you did great with the Padres! I love your pictures! They are very cool! I am so glad for the team and you although I am very sad that Josh Barfield got traded. 😦

    At least you will still be a Padre next year. And you’re my favorite Padre.



    I’m a huge fan, and im fired up that you are going to be a Padre next season (and hopefuly for a long time to come)

    anyway, love the blog man, good stuff, I’ve been reading it everyday. haha is the only way i can stay caught up as a friar fanatic wile going to school in seattle. I appreciate you taking the time to do something like this.

    have a great offseason




    Nice pitching on Tuesday in Osaka dome! You allowed only one hit against NPB players. To tell the truth, I wanted to see you more on the mound of Osaka dome. Yet, I’m proud of your pitching.

    I’d thank you for giving me your cap and game-used ball in Tokyo. I really appreciate your presents. I showed them in my classroom, and all of my students were so excited to see those authentic and game-used items from you. Again, thank you so much!

    I really enjoyed talking to you and Liz in front of the hotel in Tokyo. I hope you and Liz will come back to Japan again. Please have a safe trip back to the United States. Good luck on your next season in San Diego. Please keep in touch and see you again.

    Sincerely yours,

    English teacher from S.F.

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