Our exhibition game against the Yomiuri Giants

Cyoung480_1Hello again from Tokyo! Our first result was a tie in
an exhibition game against the Yomiuri Giants. We had a great ninth-inning
comeback, highlighted by a two-run home run by David Wright to tie the game at 7. It was amazing to see the display of power from Andruw Jones, Ryan
and Wright. It’s a neat feeling to cheer when those guys hit
home runs, instead of being on the other side and giving up home runs to them! Personally, I did not pitch as well as I would have hoped,
but thankfully my teammates picked me up. I was a little rusty from
the time off, but I should be ready to go for my next game against
the Japanese All-Stars. The atmosphere in the Tokyo Dome was loud
and energetic. There was a band in the outfield bleachers, and the
Japanese fans sang a different fight song for each hitter. I only expect it
to get louder as we take on the Japanese All-Stars. One unique feature
is that the bullpens are not on the field, rather they are back behind
the locker rooms. Pitchers warm up back there out of view from the fans
and opposing players.

After the game I went to grab a quick bite to
eat around the hotel, and I was astounded by the generosity of the Japanese
fans. While signing autographs, many of the fans gave me gifts that are unique
to Japan and their culture. The gifts included decorative hand-held fans,
coasters made of kimono silk, a bottle of sake, business card holders
and chopsticks to name a few. They are extremely excited to hear
my impressions of Tokyo and proud to share tokens of their culture
with me. Everyone has made an attempt to speak English, which I
greatly appreciate, and many people are fluent. The warmth and hospitality
we have received is tremendous.

Tomorrow we start our series and it
should be very competitive. John Lackey gets the start and he will get
us started on the right foot. It will be fun to sit back and watch some of
the greatest players in the world compete, and hopefully,
we will


  1. steimel@mac.com

    Wow. What an amazing experience. I’m trying to pull up the archive of the game on mlb.com but haven’t been able to yet. You’ve pitched well all year Chris so I doubt you were TOO rusty! I’m a White Sox fan through and through so I want to wish JD, guch, and the rest of the MLB players the best of luck in the series! Shut ’em down next start Chris, we’re all pulling for you guys here in the States!


  2. princ3zsgo@yahoo.com

    I think that is really awesome how the great people of Japan are welcoming you. You guys are some of the amazing players from the MLB. You did great with the Padres so I know that you’ll get them next time. I want to wish you all good luck tomorrow!


  3. rockin__floorfiller@hotmail.com

    I’m so glad that you are having a good time experiencing the Japanese culture and fans. I wish I could have seen the game. I bet it was amezing when David Wright hit that 2-run homer in the 9th to tie the game. I think that Major League Baseball is perfectly represented by all of you guys. I know you’ll get them the way you want to next time! You’re a fantastic pitcher. Good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear more from your experience in Japan and the tomorrow’s game.



  4. Chris

    Sounds like an amazing time over there! It’s great to see so many of our players representing our country so well over there. Don’t sweat the game, you’re a fantastic pitcher, I’m sure you’ll do great next game. In the meantime, have a great time, and good luck tomorrow, we’re all pulling for you guys back here in the States!


  5. johnnperkins@aol.com

    Chris, it sounds as if you and Liz are enjoying Tokyo. Mrs. P and I had a great time in Japan, before Stephen, as I lived in Shibuya and my office was close to the Ginza. The Japanese love baseball and I know the MLB All Stars will represent us well. A lemon cake is awaiting your return! Best regards, Mr. & Mrs. P

  6. mlb@scanwebsolutions.com


    Enjoy the experience bro, a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Glad that you are able to enjoy it with your wife. Thanks for keeping this blog as it’s always neat when a player lets us in on their personal thoughts. No doubt you’re a cerebral chap and a decent writer too!

    Knock ’em dead in your next start versus the Japanese All-Stars.

    Go Padres!

    Sean aka TheRevRun from gaslampball.com

  7. chevy350idaho@hotmail.com

    Dear Chris,

    I’m glad to hear that you liked our presents. All of Japanese fans are really appreciate your kindness and courtesy because you always think about the fans first. Although you are tired, you smile and sign autographs for us. That’s why we want to give you some presents. Personally speaking, I ejoy talking to you very much. I look forward to seeing your pitching in Osaka or Fukuoka. Please enjoy staying in Japan.

    Best wishes,

    English teacher from S.F.

  8. paltman@gmail.com

    Congrats on a great season, Chris.

    Parker and I are excited for you in all the success you’ve been having (and will continue to have).

    Take Care, Patrick

  9. matt.dorsey@yahoo.com

    Hey Chris,

    What are you going to do with a business card holder? Might make a good x-mas present for DP or CP, I promise not to tell that you ricocheted it.

    Good work on the blog, see you at Thanksgiving.


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